What To Do If Your Artwork and Personal Property is Damaged in a Hurricane, Flood, or Fire?

Personal Property Loss / Damage cases have been executed by Anubis Appraisal and Estate Services, Inc. since the early 1990’s.

Anubis Appraisal and Estate Services can be hired for a loss and damage appraisal by the owner of the property, the insurance broker, or by the insurance carrier.

We have appraised French furniture antiques damaged in a fire, residential contents exposed to natural disaster hurricane damage, and mold infestation.

What to do if you have personal tangibles, antiques or paintings damaged in a hurricane, flood or fire?

Actions to Take:
• Immediately record in writing and by photograph the date, time and type of incident that caused the damage.
• Contact your insurance company with all the incident details.
 Your insurance provider may tell you that they will send out an appraiser to evaluate the damage, or they may also ask you to contact an accredited and certified appraiser.
 Check with friends and family for referrals or you can check the two national appraisal societies websites for appraisers near you.
 www.appraisersassociation.org
 www.isa-appraisers.org

• Once you have found your appraiser, make an appointment to schedule an on-site visit. Gather all paper work regarding the damage or loss item such as invoices, old appraisals, photographs, and give copies of those documents to the appraiser.
• While on-site the appraiser will:
 Document, photograph and fully describe the damage item, exact measurements and specific notes are taken.
• While at the office, the appraiser will:
 Conduct market research, record all provenance on damage or lost item, and establish replacement cost pre-damage.
 The appraiser may suggest a restorer or conservator to provide cost of restoration if applicable.
 Depreciation Values. The values are supported by appropriate market comparables.
• Value if a Total Loss:
 The appraiser will submit an accurate detailed appraisal to be submitted to the insurance company, which will be used as a basis for settlement or restoration.
 The final accurate comprehensive appraisal report is your best asset when coming to a fair dollar value for a loss or a disputed loss.
• Costs:
 Appraisers’ charge an hourly rate for on-site and office preparation time. Rates are depending on your geographic location.
 Restorers and Conservators rates are on a case by case basis and based on your geographic location.

Contact: Tara Ana Finley, ISA AM – Office: 305-446-1820 – Cell: 786-486-8042 – www.anubisappraisal.com – tarafinley@gmail.com


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