“Your services were invaluable to me in 2010. My confidence in your appraisal and your referrals grew with each step I took as the personal representative of my cousin’s Florida estate. Despite [an] unfavorable environment, I did well [in sales] with the advantage of your expert guidance.”
—Fair Market Value Appraisal for Estate, 2010 (Testimonial from 2013)

“Thanks so much for your help. I enjoyed meeting you, and your report was excellent and comprehensive. If we need your services in the future, I will certainly call you.”
—Retail Replacement Value Appraisal, 2009

“Received the ‘book,’ along with the photos. I must congratulate you, it is a job extremely well done, professional and well researched. You have provided me with more than just an evaluation for probate or any other official responsibility…you have documented a legacy of good taste that I will treasure.”
—Fair Market Value Appraisal, 2009

“It is a pleasure to work with someone who is both professional and pleasant.”

“Thank you for the prompt and professional way you handled this. Once more a magnificent job, and I thank you.”

“Thanks for an outstanding job.”
—Retail Replacement Value Appraisal, 2006

“Just want to thank you for a job well done! The final appraisal document you prepared is very nicely presented and provides excellent documentation for the Pre-Columbian pieces.”