How to Prepare Your Art and Personal Property for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has just begun and will continue through November 30th. When living in South Florida it is important to prepare your artwork and personal property in case of a hurricane.  

Before the Hurricane:

  1. Insure your fine art or update your insurance appraisal. An insurance appraisal should be updated every three to five years.
  2. Prepare and maintain a fine art inventory file with images of each work, name of artist or maker, title, dimensions, media, and year. Include invoices for each item. If you need help with this documentation, you can hire an appraiser to help you.
  3. Secure your artwork by removing it from the walls and wrapping in plastic wrap to prevent water damage. It is very important to only use packing equipment that is acid-free and doesn’t touch the artwork. Packing artwork incorrectly may lead to serious damage so be sure to contact a specialist if you are unsure of what materials to use.
  4. Bring inside any outdoor sculptures and store all of your artwork in a dry safe location away from windows.  

Protecting and Storing your Artwork and Personal Property:

Prepare your home by adding protective hurricane shutters, hurricane glass windows, and roof hurricane clips. Install a fortified, waterproof storm closet – custom-made or purchased.

Do not store fine art or furniture in your basement or attic.

Protect your documents by securing important papers in water- and fire-proof safes or storage boxes. In addition, keep a copy of all documentation at a separate, secure location.

If you have to store your artwork and personal belongings at a storage facility, use your best judgment when choosing a facility. Look at its policies and prices, and consult a flood-zone map to see where the property is situated. Top-notch storage facilities often are built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. If you’re using storage at a multilevel facility, try to rent a unit on one of the middle floors, as some times, water may enter the top floor through any cracks, and the bottom floor is prone to flooding.

Trusted South Florida facilities:

Museo Vault, 346 N.W. 29 Street, Miami, Florida 33127, 305-751-1175

Fortress, 1629 N.E. 1 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33131, 305-347-6161


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