Appraisal and Sale of Antique Sterling Silver

Introduction: Since the discovery of silver, it has been used to create beautiful decorative objects for daily use. Antique sterling silver preserves its creation period through the various decorative styles that are representative of its maker and era. In addition to stylistic attributions, most antique sterling silver can be identified by hallmarks or markings. In the 1840’s, silver plating was introduced because it required less silver while still creating the desired sterling silver effect. Today antique sterling silver is often passed down through generations preserving the family’s history or is sought out by passionate collectors.

Appraisal Process

Examination and Identification: The first step in the appraisal process is determining the style, era, and maker of the silver item.  By locating the hallmarks or markings on the silver piece, the appraiser can determine the date of creation, maker, and silver grade before valuing the item. Markings that will confirm the piece is sterling silver will often say “Sterling”, “.925”, or have unique hallmarks in the form of letters, animals, symbols, or a shield. If the item is silver plate, it will often be marked with an “EP” for electric plate. 


Appraisal Report: After determining the style, era, and maker of the silver piece, the appraiser will research similar comparable items that have sold and prepare an appraisal report. The report will contain photographs, descriptions, and values for the antique sterling silver items being appraised for either insurance, estate, divorce, loss/damage, or donation purposes. 

Sale Services: Antique silver is highly sought after by collectors today and will often bring a higher price in private or auction sales than a smelter. The historic significance and beautify of antique sterling silver should be preserved and avoid being melted down. Anubis Appraisal & Estate Service Inc. has successfully organized private silver order bid auctions and has connections with silver buyers across the country. If you would like to sell your antique silver, please call us to schedule a consultation!

Contact: Tara Finley, ISA AM, President of Anubis Appraisal & Estate Services, Inc. (Email)     305-446-1820 (Office)

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